Food is a subject close to many of our hearts, and of course is a necessity to a happy and healthy group at Newday!

We will have a variety of food vans onsite, located in our amazing 'Rocksalt' food hall and on the concourse (which is the area where all of our main cafes and activities are located. But of course, eating from food vans for a whole week isn't necessarily ideal.

When planning catering for your group, you'll need to consider the following:

  • How food will be cooked
  • How food will be stored
  • How to keep everything clean and safe

All cooking appliances MUST be gas powered. We're sorry, but the power infrastructure of the Showground is not sufficient for everyone to plug in electrical cooking equipment. Some groups choose to hire equipment for the week (if you are doing this, you will need to be onsite for when it is delivered and collected) whilst others choose to purchase it, as they know they will use it annually or even for other purposes. Any tent/marquee being used for cooking must be designated so, and will need to be pitched 3m away from anything else.

Some helpful ideas of equipment are:

  • Gas hobs: many groups use purely these to cater for their group for the week. If you are primarily cooking on hobs your menu may include Chilis, Curries, Bolognese, Pasta Dishes, Sweet & Sour.
  • Gas ovens: some groups choose to bring/hire a gas oven which also has hobs on top. This could extend your menu options to include Jacket Potatoes, Pies and, if you're feeling brave, a Roast Dinner!
  • Gas boilers/urns: possibly one of the most essential, is an easy way to boil water and even keep it hot, if nothing else so you can have a well earned cup of tea after looking after your young people all day!
  • Gas fridges: whilst we provide the option to purchase power and a space in your Zone Tent to bring an electrical fridge and/or freezer, gas fridges can be a great idea to keep some essentials like milk in so they are easily accessible.
  • Gas bottles: don't forget to check what type of gas bottles you need, and to bring/arrange delivery of them too.

Our Health & Safety team are more than happy to check and even help with the installation of gas appliances onsite, just ask your Zone Host.

It's really important to make sure that food is cooked, stored and cleared away well to avoid people getting ill. It would be a good idea for those responsible for catering for your group take a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate in advance of coming to site to learn some of the basics of cooking and storing food safely, there are lots of providers online, the course takes only a a few hours and can cost as little as £25, plus once you have done it you don't have to keep doing it.

You'll also need to consider the equipment to bring for washing up and cleaning down surfaces etc. Household cleaners etc. are perfectly acceptable.

We recommend everybody washes their hands AND uses hand sanitiser before coming in for their dinner: this is a proven way to stop the spread of illnesses such as D&V.