Every group at Newday will need a Group Coordinator: this could be the Youth Worker or another person who will help administrate the bookings and be available onsite to look after the group and their campsite.

To register as a Group Coordinator, please send us an email with your name and group name, and we will get you set up. We will then send you everything you need to start booking in, and add you to the mailing list of our monthly GC updates.

You can either choose to book tickets yourself for your group, or to ask your group to book themselves in and select your church: either way, as the GC you will be able to see everyone who has booked into the event. Everyone over 12 coming to the event with your group (young people, youth leaders, catering team etc.) will all need a delegate ticket. 

0-11s may attend the event if doing so enables their parent to either supervise a group or be on team. We have a morning kids programme for 3-11s. You will need to book a ticket (0-2s - Free, 3-11s - £50) for them. Everyone coming with your group will need the right ticket for the event.

We offer groups the hire of marquee lighting (a pair of Fluorescent Lights - £50), appliance power (space in your zone host tent for up to 2 appliances brought by you- £15 each) and a mobile phone charging block (6 gang socket, only for phone charging  - £30). These should be booked by the 1st July and are booked via the same booking system as tickets. These will be installed by our qualified electricians by dusk on the Monday the event start.

All other equipment for the group will need to be brought/hired in by the GC. There are multiple local hire companies available who service the Showground, but Newday cannot take responsibility or liability for them or their stock.

We recommend that you consult whoever is responsible for Safeguarding in your church to ensure you bring the appropriate number of Youth Leaders to supervise your young people, follow the correct DBS process and gain the appropriate permission to take young people on an overnight camp from their parents. This information should be stored safely but available to you onsite, in case of emergency. Newday will not need to see this, or the DBS information for your leaders, but it's important that you have it for your own group's safety.